Friday, July 1, 2011

studio advances

Here is a little update on what I am calling for now Seventh Heaven or Septième Ciel.  First order of business was to create a clean cozy space for my biodynamic cranial practice. I had clients scheduled in a week!  My lovely thanka of White Tara to guide and inspire, a screen to hide the ugly electrical box, a soft rug, Ikea white curtains  and... Voila! Zen space. I was concerned clients would be put off by the industrial building. Once up there all seem to love it. It is like being in the sky.

 A peek around the  curtains...And NOT so zen space
When I got a long arm quilting machine, I chose the 18 inch INNOVA on a 10 foot frame. That was all that would fit in my ex-dining room. She looks so small in the new studio!
The window washer didn't quite believe me over the phone when I said it was a 2 day job. 32 horrendously dirty double windows later he was convinced. What a difference! Thank you G. Foam puzzle tiles save my back and legs from the hard cement floors. Found a long cutting table and some industrial shelving from someone going out of business downstairs.
 I tried duct taping a piece of batting to the wall for design wall. It has since blown down after a windy day with windows open. Will have to think of another idea.

Amazing J is putting in plumbing and fixtures for a kitchen and a dying area

It is finally summer in Montreal. Here is the view from behind my INNOVA.
The plants and I love being in our big sunny space.


  1. Wow...I love your space....fabulous...did you fill it all yet, I am so jealous of all that light!

    Best wishes
    Kay on Scotland

  2. Hi Kay,
    You remind me to post some new photos! I have kitchen installed and a little sitting area. The plants and I love it. It is my refuge. Now that it is mostly set up, I can go there and sew. YAY. Being in all that light and openness will help me get through the winter. A dream space for sure.