Saturday, June 11, 2011

SPACE, the final frontier

OK, I am a bad blogger. Haven't posted since winter on the beach and now it is almost summer solstice. Well, I haven't been doing much sewing. The rest of winter and spring was taken up with the business of my husband and I purchasing our apartment and me renting a studio.
It may seem odd to be buying a home and starting a new career in my late 50s. And of course there is some fear and trepidation around it all. Isn't there always? The twin  dreams of owning my own home and having my own professional studio space are manifesting as our twin daughters are taking flight. On to new projects and new horizons.
When I rented it in March, the studio was a big white empty space, lots of very dirty windows and an amazing view of the city. It is big enough to have an ample corner for my bodywork practice as well be a studio/gallery space for my textile art.
Being in the empty space reminded me of the joy of being in the vastness.
May we all remember to take some time to be with the emptiness that waits for creation.


  1. Such possibilities your studio holds. I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with it. I know it will be amazing. Congratulations and best wishes for this new phase of your life.

  2. Thanks Susan. It is coming along. I will post more photos soon