Monday, September 5, 2011

urban beauty

When I meet friends who live in the country, they always seem to feel sorry for me because I live in a big city. Certainly the earth is beautiful and I enjoy visiting less developed areas. I grew up in a place of great beauty and never got tired of soaking it into my eyes. I did get tired of being stuck in the mud or not having easy access to big cultural events. I love living in a big city and find beauty everywhere. Here is one of my favorite Montreal urban spaces.

 Place de la cathedrale

Terrasse du restaurant Apollo


  1. Thank you for the nice pictures. I know the place, and it is very peaceful in the middle of downtown Montreal. I do enjoy the city too, and yes, I dream of the country, but as you said: there is beauty everywhere to be found. Image a quilt in patterns of the cathedral :)

  2. Very pretty! Both the city and the country have their good points as well as their bad points. The best thing...just be happy wherever you are!