Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Collage Winner!

Well, first ever art show was taken down yesterday. What a journey it was bringing the inside out. I loved the quiet times in the gallery simply being with the pieces in light. Friends and strangers wandered in. The weekend was very grey..SNOW even... and people loved coming in and being with all the colour. It was refreshing, inspiring and uplifting.

AND the collage was a lot of fun. Some people just placed one thing and walked away. Some spent a longer time creating a motif.

The children who came in had a great time.

SO (drumroll please!)The winner of the collage is......Carina Rose

I will sew it all together, probably add some lace, yarn, beads...we'll see. It will be finished and ready to deliver by July 1.

I am off to British Columbia for the last seminar of Biodynamic Craniosacral training I am assisting. The group has been together for 2 1/2 years. These are always bittersweet moments. I look forward to being in that beautiful land and filling my eyes and heart with all those blues and greens. I will post photos of the process of finishing this piece and delivering it to Carina Rose so stay tuned.


  1. The collage is amazing. Did you have the pieces already cut out? Are they backed with fusible webbing? I'm curious because I can see this as an activity for my guild's next quilt show.

  2. Fabric was steam a seamed. Some was cut out and some not. I left scissors out for them to cut shapes. Muslin was tacked to the wall. Particiupants peeled the paper off the back and stuck it on the muslin. Now I get to figure out how to sew it all down. There will be some hot fix crystals I am sure.