Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I am organizing the first showing of my textile pieces here in Montreal. Galerie Espace is a small gallery space that artists can rent and organize their own show. This is a "getting my feet wet" event where I can see my work hanging and see people's reactions. Hopefully lots will sell and I will have room in my studio to make more. (Can you feel me visualizing?)

I like the idea of creating my own event. In the quilting world, a lot seems to happen at National shows that are juried and judged. I have been to only one of these and was amazed at the creativity and talent. When I browse the web or look at quilt magazines I am astounded by the number of people, mostly women, making textile art. I read that there are so many beautiful works entered in these shows now that judges award ribbons based on the neatest bindings. Being the queen of wavy borders, I don't think this route is for me. I am definitely open to improving my technique, but perfection isn't for me. Too much stress. I am choosing to create other ways to show and sell work.
You can see most of the pieces in the show on my Picasa site:
Please email me if you are interested:

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